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Millions of Americans are mobilizing to protect our Democracy with shared goals of:

Opposing Trump's / GOP's anti-American agenda and restoring and strengthening our Democracy to prevent further degeneration of our Democracy and protect American from future Trumpian politicians from being elected

By actively engaging in our Democracy - we also reclaim our Democracy and our rightful Flag as we demonstrate and promote and demonstrate the ideals represented in the Flag of Liberty and Justice for ALL.


American Flags are useful to demonstrate, promote and identify with American Democracy, civil rights causes and movements. Our Flag is the "Flag of Flags" - embraced by generations of patriots that promote liberty and justice for all. 

As you actively support and fight for any of the causes listed below you are also embodying values of a Patriot

and are reclaiming our Democracy and our Flag:

 voters rights

economic justice / livable minimum wage

gun control / regulation

racial/ethnic/religious tolerance and justice

rational foreign policy/international relations 

"Climate change"/ environmentalism

immigrant rights

reproductive rights for women


quality healthcare for all

LGBTQ rights

education and teaching

worker's rights


media accuracy

moral government policies

nuclear proliferation

increased civic engagement

evidence-based government / policy formation

(list in no particular order)

and ALL other moral democratic causes that embody the tenets of the Flag - Liberty and Justice for all.

OR if you actively engage AGAINST:

destruction of American Institutions and norms


privatization of public lands and resources

stealing America's future health and wealth by kleptocrats

If you believe in Liberty and Justice for all and are opposed to Trump, Trumpism and the GOP's anti-American agenda

- you are an American Patriot and

the American Flag is YOUR Flag:


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