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Mission Statement

"PatrioticAndProgressive" is a non-profit, independent organization that seeks to promote and highlight the patriotic and progressive actions of individuals and organizations who oppose Trump, Trump-ism, and threats to our Democracy such as gerrymandering, racism, attacks on journalism and facts, weak campaign finance laws and voter-suppression. We seek to promote the ideals embedded in our Flag as it is a symbol of all Americans and those fighting for Liberty and Justice for All.

We advocate for greater visibility and inclusion of our American flag and patriotic symbolism as we fight to reinvigorate our Democracy. Our Flag is a symbol unifying people in all 50 States (and territories) made of colors representing our Patriotic efforts: “Red for courage and readiness to sacrifice; white for pure intentions and high ideals; and blue for vigilance and justice.”


We - who have been spurred to action since November 8, 2016 - are Patriots joining many others who have been fighting for fundamental American ideals and moral causes for generations. We are people from all corners of the Nation, ethnic and religious backgrounds and walks of life. We seek to connect the varied Resistance movements and pro-American Democracy movements with our common symbol of our Flag and also to link present activism to our Resistance predecessors.


As we organize, exercise our democratic muscles and fight for our Democracy - we simultaneously *Reclaim Our Flag* from Right Wing extremists. To some people on the Left of the political spectrum - our flag has mistakenly been undervalued and ceded to the Right as an object of scorn and jingoistic idolatry. This is a travesty and harmful to our Democracy and to the identities of Progressive Patriots. Historically, the Right has been successful in co-opting our Flag to manipulate it's power to mobilize patriotism and claim it as a symbol of their agenda and as synonymous with their exclusionary definitions of being "American".


Right Wing extremists have similarly claimed authorship of what defines "Patriotism" and "Patriotic", attacks patriotic politicians simply for not wearing Flag pins, and tried to regulate that flag burning be made illegal - all of these are absurd and opposite to what the Flag itself represents and true American values.


We who oppose Trump and advocate for improving our Democracy are Patriots, and have our legitimacy and power rooted in the freedoms outlined in the U.S. Constitution - and we properly represent and are represented by the American Flag.


As we vote, rally, protest, call/meet with our representatives, plan to run for office, support candidates who advance Progressive goals, speak out against Trumpism, debate the in-laws about what an "American" looks like - we actually Honor the Flag as the symbol representing the best ideals of this great Nation. As you fight, resist, engage (there are literally millions of us)  - fellow Patriot - reclaim the Flag it is rightfully OURS.


We of "PatrioticAndProgressive" are not sponsored by any political Party or group, we are Patriots striving to improve and save our Democracy.

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