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Nationalist Extremists have always realized the utility of

defining themselves as "Patriotic" and

co-opting the visual power of Our Flag

The Flag empowers those who claim it and recognize it's potential. There are millions of Americans - the majority - who are undecided and uncommitted whether to become more engaged in our Democracy; some will make their decisions on what they see and "feel". Many are watching what images and ideas they can identify with - before becoming engaged. Those of us engaged in activism are saving and strengthening our Democracy and striving for Liberty and Justice for all - we are actively reclaiming our Flag. We want and need others to identify and join us - as they will be essential for our efforts to be successful. 

Extremists have long recognized and have embraced the American Flag's power to engage Americans on an emotional level and to co-opt it's power to brand their narrow often un-American agendas - specifically to use it to define their values as "patriotic".


One of the reasons our Flag was surrendered / ceded to extremists groups is these groups effectively claimed they were acting on behalf of and for entire Nation (a higher authority) while masking Nationalism and prejudice as Patriotism. Their abundant use of our Flag has empowered/empowers them and from which they derive and justify their racism, sexism and prejudice. Our goal is to reclaim these conscious and unconscious patriotic perception of our flag as we go forward strengthening by democratic engagement.


We who fight for liberty and justice for all - are true Patriots - as we love this country and strive to make it greater and a more perfect inclusive union, using our Flag to unify and expand inclusivity in our Democracy; whereas extremists groups, the modern GOP - use our Flag often for exclusivity.


Extremists often use large numbers and large size American Flags at their Demonstration.


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