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About our Flag 


Our Flag is the iconic image and tangible representation of our Patriotism and our Democracy. The following pages contain additional information about the Flag and examples of it's use and power. Our goal is to breathe new life and meaning based on our democratic engagement - into our National symbol.

The 1777 version of the Flag (below) - was the Flag of the original American "Resistance" Movement. 

"White signifies purity and innocence.

Red hardiness and valor and

Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice."

Additional star power to Reclaim our Flag as part of Patriotic Progress:

A. Bring our Flag to any meeting or communication with your State or Congressional/political Representatives and identify/introduce yourself as a Patriot, because your engagement in our Democracy shows that you are.

B. If you are part of a group - discuss with your group how the Patriotic connections of your actions and find your own ways to reclaim the true patriotic imagery and our Flag from extremists.


Remember - we need more people to join us and most Americans recognize the patriotism of those who admire and honor the Flag.

By reclaiming our Flag  you will promote democracy and demonstrate that:

-you are a patriot striving for Liberty and Justice for all Americans

-you are continuing in a long glorious history of American Resistance movements who have aligned their actions with the values idealized and represented in our Flag and who added their own logos to the tapestry of American progress

-you are demonstrating to others what you are fighting for

-you are inspiring hope that our Nation has more in common than what divides us

-reclaiming our Flag from extremists is patriotic

Be the change you wish to see! 


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