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Progress is Patriotic

Generations of Patriotic and Progressive Americans have fought 

for our American Democracy to be

"of the people, by the people and for the people"

with "Liberty and Justice for All"

Generations of progressive "Resistance Movements" - such as: the fight for Women's Right to Vote, Civil Rights, Farm Workers Rights, Equal Rights, LGBT have advanced our nation and patriotically embraced our American Flag. We too must now intentionally reclaim the both the true definition of American patriotism and the symbolism of our common Flag in our progressive actions. Some progressives mistakenly reject the Flag as a Nationalist symbol  (and it certain has been used to manipulate) but our Flag is an inanimate object not to be confused with the Confederate flag. The American Flag is the identifiable iconic image of American values ("one Nation, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all") and a symbol of victory against facism. ​ 


We are Patriots, we honor the Flag by our fight for "Liberty and Justice for All" 

Women On the Move 1980s
suffragette 1917
John Lewis March
Chavez 1970
UFW protest 1970
Vietnam Vets Against War
Betty Lane 1970
Equal Rights 2013
Act UP DC 1991
Suffrage Parade May 6 1912 New York City
Protest is Patriot DC Womens Liberation March 1970
Selma Vote man 2
Flags Selma Marchers Draped
Spider Martin Selma in distress 1965
1965 MLK Protest
girl and her flag NC


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