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Accurately defining Progressives as Patriotic and reclaiming

our Flag is important

1 - Engaging and protecting our Democracy and fighting to advance civil liberties and oppose degradation of our Democracy are patriotic Progressive actions. Too many people who have mobilized for justice, unity, progress and against Trump, Trumpism and the extremist GOP agenda - have yet to see themselves as patriotic.  Reclaiming the Flag and it's ideals will help you see yourself as the patriotic American that you are. Those actively opposing the Trump/GOP extremist agenda are American Patriots. We do not need a new symbol of our pan-civil rights, pro-Democracy movements - we need a unifying symbol of our Nation. "Let it be borne on the flag under which we rally in every exigency, that we have one country, one constitution, one destiny." - Daniel Webster (and we would add one Flag.

- Help others identify and join with you in your causes. Many Americans are not yet engaged in  and need to be able to identify and choose to align themselves. The as yet unaligned or un-engaged Americans will be needed to advance our common goals for American progress - and they likely admire and respect the ideals of our common Flag.

- Help you to identify with others similarly engaged - in their own and possibly different way or cause- in reinvigorating our Democracy; and foster cohesion in our disparate struggles with common goal of protecting and advancing our Democracy.

4 - Helps give visibility to our struggles as patriotic Americans fighting for our Democracy as other Nations view/follow our struggles on their TV / internet / news. America has built many allies - and these relationships have been degraded by the Trump / GOP leadership.

5 - There will be a backlash from the Right Wing as a response to our efforts against Trump/Trumpism/GOP agenda and brand / attack us as "un-American". They will directly attack the actions and individuals of our movements of challenging our President and elected leaders as "un-Patriotic" and "un-American"; we must claim the moral and patriotic high ground - to insulate ourselves from this external and at times internal charge - as as we are on the right side of justice and history. 

There is a MAJORITY of Americans who have not yet identified with any particular struggle - it is vital to help them see the breadth and root Patriotism of our causes - as we will need them to eventually participate in our causes and our Democracy. 

Our Flag has been a source of strength and emblem of moral justice for many of America's democratic struggles for over 100 years.

BELOW: If we do not Reclaim the Flag - it's rightful power and reflection of our Patriotism and Democracy will be further plagiarized from those of us who fight for

Liberty and Justice for all.


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