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#1 Email us / tag us on Twitter - video clips/photos of you affirming your Patriotic and Progressive actions for our "Hall of Patriotic Progressives".

#2 Email us for buttons / stickers of our Patriotic and pan-Progressive Logo.

#3 Create your own unique Declaration of Patriotism and Resistance (3 lines) and send it to your friends, your family, fellow Resistors, yourself and to us (at Suggested format:


Line 1 - "I am Patriotic and Progressive" (Patriots aspire to improve, actively resist and make sacrifices for their Nation and brothers and sisters).

Line 2 - (What are the two main causes you are fighting for and against?)

"fighting for equality and against racism"

"fighting for economic justice and against Trump"

"fighting for immigrants and against xenophobia"


Line 3 - Who inspires you to fight and participate? 

In honor or memory of someone who inspires you to = a child, a role model, a hero.

"In honor of my daughter"

"In honor of my immigrant grandparents"

"In honor of my ancestors who didn't have the right to vote"


Combine lines 1-3 for your Declaration of Patriotism and Resistance.

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