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Donald Trump and the Republican Party are actively sabotaging our democracy, stealing wealth and health from America's future while regressing social progress fought for by generations of American patriots. 


One of the Republicans' main weapons is the manipulation of Americans' sense of patriotism - one of the most fundamental and inspirational emotions of civilization. They market their racist, bigoted, exclusionary, misogynistic and militaristic agendas with the symbols and language that spur Americans sense of "patriotism"  - thereby using national pride to dismantle American's basic health, safety, and survival.


What We Do: works to publicly emphasize that true American patriotism as belief in equality, inclusivity, diversity and justice. We do so by collaborating with the diverse community of progressive causes - that strengthen our democracy and oppose the Donald Trump/GOP agenda. 

We do so by:

1) explicitly defining progressive organizations and individuals engaged in fighting to make our democracy more progressive as "patriotic" and reflective of core American values of liberty and equality

2) highlighting their acts of patriotism as they oppose Donald J. Trump's extremist / Republican agenda

3) promoting activism and civic engagement 

Patriotism is a powerful motivator and weapon of hearts and minds, Progressives need to explicitly and intentionally embrace it if we want to create a United States that ensures liberty, equality and justice for all

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